Pizza Shop Owners

Pizza Shop Owners –Requirements for Participation

A Piece of Pizza for Peace is designed for small pizza shop owners to work together for the greater good in their communities and beyond. One day a year we’ll hold a pizza truce. The rest of the 364 days we’ll still battle for market share, but one day, September 21st,  International Day of Peacewe’ll come together to work for peace.

The main requirement of pizza shop owners to participate?

Have an inherent passion for peace! Want to see a more peaceful community and a more peaceful world.

Why would participation in something like this A Piece of Pizza for Peace movement be good for their business? They will have some designation on the organization’s web site to show their concern for their community. This sort of in-kind promotion of their business will increase their favorability rating in the community’s eye.

It will show the public they’re willing to set aside business interests for one day to work toward something bigger than them.

There will be a cutoff date for participation.

September 14th. Seven days before World Peace Day. People won’t be able to sign on to this movement three days before it happens. There has to be a little bit of planning. Not a lot, not a great investment of time. Small local pizza shop owners are busy people.

There isn’t a great initial investment, either.

Individual pizza shop owners decide on the depth of their investment of time and finances. There doesn’t have to be a large outlay of money out of pocket.

The overarching idea behind A Piece of Pizza for Peace is for enough people to participate so any money donated from that day’s sales won’t have to come out of the individuals’ pockets. It will come from the increased sales for that day.

A Piece of Pizza for Peace is a grassroots movement. It started with one person, one idea, one community. It could sell more pizza than the day of the Super Bowl.

It’s a win for the local pizza shops. It’s a win for the local peace organizations. And it’s a win for world wide peace.

It doesn’t require a lot from local pizza shop owners. They can participate and have some fun. Get active in their community. Make a one day truce with another pizza shop owner in their location. Align with some good causes in their area. And get the word out about world peace through their activities in LeTip,  Gold Star and BNI through talking to their customers, and through making some flyers for distribution or wearing a tee-shirt. If they don’t have the operating funds for flyers or shirts they could just post on their Facebook page.

This movement is like a Peace Virus. Simple to get involved and spreadable around the community and the world. A Piece of Pizza for Peace.